The class is a rigorously structured language course. In this program, students progress from the beginner’s level to the advanced levels through years of study. Applicants with or without previous experience in Chinese are welcome. Each student is individually evaluated to determine his/her level of expertise and placed in the appropriate class.

Children are placed into classes based on both their Chinese skill level and age. The minimum age requirement is 4 years old by the time classes begin. Many of our students come from non-Chinese speaking households and do very well in our classes. Also, many parents of our younger students sit in to learn with them. So, do not worry if your child has no background in Chinese; that is what Chinese school is for!

  • Grade 1 – Beginner Chinese (Facebook page here)
  • Grade 2 – Intermediate Chinese
  • Grade 3 – Advanced Chinese

In the annual writing competition, students from all grades write a story of the teachers’ choice. The writing competition allows students to practice their written comprehension skills and learn the stroke order of Chinese characters.

In the annual storytelling competition, students from all grades present a story of their choice in Chinese. The storytelling competition allows students to practice their speaking skills in front of an audience.